About these offerings …

Writing is an enjoyable pastime. This site allows me to clarify my thoughts and to arrange my writing in a more or less logical manner — and then offer the results to readers in the spirit like that of the child above!

I hope the reader will enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed writing. A fairly broad range of topics has been addressed. If a reader would like to suggest a topic for exploration, he or she is requested to post a comment.

[Some of the writing posted here has been published originally at other sites. Appropriate references have been made as needed.]

Happy reading!



One thought on “About these offerings …”

  1. A bit like a man on a desert island putting out a message in a bottle … except that (a) this is not a ‘HELP’ message, and (b) there are millions of such bottles being thrown into the ocean know as the ‘cloud’!

    So what is so different about this particular message?

    For one thing: It has no identifiable subject — because any subject will only limit the scope of inquiry.

    For another: Rules of logic and common human decency will be followed scrupulously. Politics of any kind and any reference to specific individuals or groups will be shunned.

    And lastly: A sense of humour will be maintained at all times — as this poster and all others hurtle through infinite space on the tiny lifeboat called Earth.


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