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Truth requires no coercion. Any moderately intelligent person can make choices appropriate to him or her, based on what is available and feasible. Any healthy human society runs on the basis of average people making innumerable such ‘common sense’ choices. This, in practical terms, is what the average person understands by the word ‘freedom’.

Depriving a society of such freedom leads to misery. Despots – that is, glorified goons – deprive a society of the vitality that springs from this freedom.

[For a further exploration of the meaning of ‘freedom’, aligned with the teachings of Gautam Buddha, please see this post.]

Karl Marx – and others of his ilk – come up with ‘theories’ which they claim will take the society to a higher level of justice, or happiness, or progress … or something. Because these ‘theories’ are written up in the form of heavy tomes, most people assume that the author would have taken a holistic and impartial view of society. In reality, however, a holistic and impartial view of the human condition requires arduous cultivation; and history proves that ‘theories’ contained in heavy tomes are based on faulty premises.

A ‘theoretician’ usually does not get personally involved in the rolling out of his or her ‘theory’ across a society. Milton Friedman needed people like Pinochet, and Marx’s theory needed – after his death – people like Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and Mao. The reason is that, for any ‘theory’ to be put into practice on societal scale, a huge amount of coercion is needed. The coercion is provided by henchmen, party cadres, the police, the military … and so on. Freedom is quickly snatched away from common people for ‘a higher good’ justified by the theory.

The human instruments of coercion do not really understand the ‘theory’ on whose behalf they are exercising coercion. They trust the ‘ideologues’ who claim to understand fully what the heavy tomes contain. But each human instrument of coercion has his or her personal agenda, based on greed, vengeance, spite … or whatever. In exchange for acting cruelly on behalf of a ‘theory’ – ‘a higher truth’! – they get their personal worldly needs fulfilled.

The loudly proclaimed ‘higher truth’ serves only as cover for baser passions.

In fact the nature of reality is such that apprehension of truth makes a person humble. Reality is infinitely more complex and profound than any firebrand ideologue is in a condition to understand. Absence of humility is a sure sign of incorrect apprehension, and arrogance a cover for insecurity.

But who can argue with a firebrand ideologue quoting from a book and leading a pack of agitated party cadres? The only rational choice is to get out of the way.

Together, the ideologue and his goons behave atrociously, since the ideology serves only as a pretext for hatred and anger. It makes little difference whether or not the ideologue is also a goon, since the two are in cahoots in any case.

A tragic but hard fact of life is that any economic system can be cunningly exploited by the cunning, since human cunning knows no bounds. For example, in any country, minutes after new tax laws or trade laws are announced, clever people set about devising ways to circumvent the new laws.

A communist system, based on Marx’s theories, cannot be an exception to the empirically proven facts of human nature. After all, communism is also a human system, and it offers no cure or protection against human failings. In fact, communism provides a slippery slope on which human failings can snowball and, collectively, take demonic form probably not anticipated by Marx.

The noble-sounding idea of ‘class struggle for economic justice’ – is inevitably hijacked by goons for ignoble purposes. Initially, ‘ideologues’ employ goons to achieve ‘a historical social mission’. Soon, the goons – having tasted blood in the initial rounds – make the ideologues dance to their music. Propaganda replaces clarity of thought; dirty politics and back-stabbing replaces camaraderie.

In the first half of the twentieth century, one large country witnessed the tragic consequences of the bloody leadership of goons. In the second half the century, another large country witnessed a similar tragedy of enormous scale. So-called ‘cultural Marxism’ has been plaguing a third large country recently.

All said and done, what is the difference between a modern day ‘theoretician’ and a priest of ancient times? Both mess with power and politics, in the name of a mesmerizing and much-trumpeted ‘higher truth’ – and both need agents of coercion. In ancient days, these agents of coercion were ‘kings’ with their huge armies. Today the agents of coercion take different form and shape; the word ‘chairman’ or ‘general secretary’ is used in place of ‘king’.

Marx was not alive to witness the real-life consequences of his theories; but his busts have been placed on pedestals by goons who found that his theory suited their purposes. If Marx had witnessed what happened in Russia and China in his name, and if he was sensitive to human suffering, he might even have revised his tome to warn of the potential for immense harm that his theory contained.

[To be continued.]